Clean Witch Potions and Spell Sprays

Brewed with intention, humble ingredients & essential oils. Absolutely no negativity. Spritz Joy! To learn more or purchase follow The Clean Witch Facebook Page or  click to contact


Is your home or office supporting your intentions?

The Clean Witch is your holistic living guide. The Clean Witch declutters, energetically clears, deep cleans with humble ingredients & essential oils and arranges your space to support YOUR intentions. Invest in YOU! Contact The Clean Witch to begin living eco, health & Chi conscious. 

Holistic Living, Decluttering, and Feng Shui

Holistic means encompassing the whole of a thing, and not just a part

Clean under and below to release stagnated energy, clear a path to invite energy in and arrange your space for energy to flow evenly.


Clutter stagnates energy; limiting our capacity for new opportunities and success. Clutter manifests as a physical block that directly impacts your relationships and wellbeing. The Clean Witch is your guide to ‘letting go’ of what no longer serves you. Schedule a decluttering to begin the process of creating space for the abundance you seek.


Ancient & modern cultures celebrate essential oils for antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and therapeutic benefits. Our holistic cleaning potions and spell sprays are brewed with humble ingredients, essential oils & intention. An eco, health & Chi conscious deep cleanse energetically refreshes your space and wellbeing.


Feng Shui Staging is the art of arranging your items, decor and furnishings to reflect your identity and goals. I listen and advise you. When your environment is in harmony with your intentions you do more than survive, you thrive!

Who is the Witch?

Trish Breed


The Clean Witch’s intention is to guide you in your effort to dwell in joy!

Personally experiencing how our environments effect our well being, coupled with an innate desire to share information and help others live better was the catalyst for The Clean Witch, a decluttering, holistic living and Feng Shui for the eco, health & Chi conscious.



Health Conscious

  • Cleaning potions are free of synthetics, ammonia, alcohol, artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances, triclosan, chlorine, phthalates, butoxyethanol (glycol ethers) , sodium hydroxide (lye) or PERC’s, silica, free of surfactants, petroleum based ingredients, phosphates, and solvents & heavy metals - NO HARSH CHEMICALS
  • Dyson vacuums Allergy & Asthma certified, HEPA filters effectively eliminate dust mites, pet dander & bacteria

Eco Conscious

  • Cleaning potions are biodegradable
  • Cleaning potions are refilled for your use between cleanings eliminating the need to purchase expensive commercial products & reducing waste
  • Reusable Microfiber cleaning cloths & mop heads
  • Renewable plant based scrubbers
  • Bulk purchasing to lessen waste
  • Flat mopping to reduce water usage
  • Recommends donating, recycling or upcycling unwanted items
  • Microfiber cloths & mop heads are washed with in phosphate, dye & fragrance free laundry detergent in a sanitary cycle in the LG Steam HE washer to reduce energy/water usage


  • Residential Bi-Weekly, Monthly & Seasonal Cleanses
  • Customized Small Business Holistic Cleaning Designed for You & Your Clients’
  • Declutter, holistic deep cleanse, holistic cleansing for showings, aromatherapy & Feng Shui staging for Real Estate Agents & FSBO
AirBNB, VRBO, Homeaway holistic deep cleanse, holistic turnaround cleanse & Spell Sprays created for your unique properties to gift to your guests
  • DIY gatherings to for eco, health & Chi conscious adulting & living. Contact the Witch for Gathering options & costs

Charmed by The Clean Witch…

Residential Client, Olathe, KS

Following my cleaning, I purged all the chemical cleaners from my house. My house feels and smells amazing! I love that she taught me some cleaning tricks while she worked her magic. Bonus, you get to keep personalized cleaning supplies until her next visit. I love the orange and lavender essential oils now used in my cleaning routine.

Residential Client, Kansas City, MO

Trish quite literally has magical cleaning powers. My husband and I thought we generally kept a clean house, but this is a completely different level of clean. Trish is meticulous, detail oriented and leaves no stone unturned. The first time Trish came to clean, my husband, who has terrible allergies, said the next day that he could not remember getting a better night sleep. Not only is she wonderful at what she does, but she is also incredibly kind and thoughtful, always providing me with useful cleaning tips and Feng shui tricks! We love her services!!! Thank you so much!!

Residential Client, Shawnee, KS

We needed a move-out cleaning, and one of the “well-known and highly-recommended” companies actually told us they didn’t have brooms. NO BROOMS. Finding The Clean Witch when was a stroke of luck and the worst thing that’s ever happened to the dirt and grime in our house. Leaving no dust bunny to procreate, as we all know bunnies love to do, Trish has turned a stress inducing necessity into a bi-weekly breeze. Knowing that all of the surfaces (and I do mean all) in our home are regularly cleaned gives us the peace of mind we needed to be able to tackle the 3 million other to-dos on our list every week. Bonus: we get to eliminate the nasty chemicals from our house and it always smells amazing!

Hire Trish today – your home’s nooks and crannies will thank you.

Residential Client, Lee’s Summit, MO

The Clean Witch is definitely not your average cleaning company. We had other companies come, clean for a few hours, and leave. No personal touch and definitely not detail oriented. Trish with The Clean Witch brings completely environmentally, pet, and human friendly cleaning supplies, catered to the family’s individual needs (using oils and carrier bases). And she leaves all of those cleaners at the house for use in-between cleanings, refilling each time she visits. She invests in her families. She lets our dog out and cat roam. Since our kids were very interested in cleaning, she brought them bottles of their own and helped come up with a safe (for all surfaces) mixture for them to use. She is incredibly thorough and doesn’t just wipe the surfaces, like so many other companies. We can’t say enough good things about The Clean Witch!!!

Holistic Cleansing Potions & Spell Sprays

The Clean Witch brews potions & spell sprays with biodegradable ingredients & pure essential oils.

Humble Ingredients

  • Hydrogen Peroxide - antiseptic, anti- viral, anti mold, anti- fungal, anti - mildew, bleach alternative
  • Baking Soda - natural deodorizer, grout cleaner, scouring agent & chemical free tarnish remover
  • Castille Soap -organic, vegan, NO artificial detergents, concentrated (use less lasts longer)
  • Vinegar - disinfectant, degreaser, hard water stain remover, fabric deodorizer

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the life force of the plant. Aromatics extracted from plants demonstrate evidenced based therapeutic benefits. Highly concentrated extracts that retain the scent & flavor of the plant.The Clean Witch uses essential oils that are:

  • 100% pure
  • Steam distilled or cold pressed
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Cruelty free
  • Non GMO

Benefits of Essential Oils

  • Supports immune, respiratory & circulatory health
  • Antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal
  • Aromatherapy enhances mood & improves mental state

Details, Details...

Residential Holistic Cleanse

Whole Home

  • Cobweb Removal
  • Accessible light fixtures/ceiling fans dusted
  • All trim, crown-molding, baseboards, wainscoting, bookcases, built-in’s cleaned
  • All accessible glass doors cleaned
  • All entrance & interior doors cleaned
  • All knobs, handles, light plates, switches & remotes cleaned & disinfected
  • All upholstered furniture is thoroughly vacuumed
  • All wood & hard surface is cleaned with appropriate holistic cleaning potion
  • All photos, decor & accessories is dusted
  • All carpet & area rugs vacuumed with Dyson & appropriate accessory
  • All ‘throw’ rugs shaken
  • Staircases vacuumed with appropriate accessory, mopped & railings cleaned & disinfected
  • All hardwood & tiled floors vacuumed & mopped with appropriate holistic cleaning potion


  • Cabinet fronts & handles cleaned & disinfected
  • Sink scrubbed & disinfected
  • Faucets & fixtures cleaned & disinfected
  • All items removed from countertops, all countertops / backsplash scrubbed & disinfected
  • All objects/decor on countertops wiped & dusted
  • Cooktop scrubbed clean
  • Exterior of all major & small appliances cleaned
  • Coffee maker cleaned
  • Microwave interior & exterior cleaned & disinfected


  • Sink scrubbed & disinfected
  • Shower stall/floor scrubbed & disinfected
  • Clean glass shower doors
  • Tub scrubbed & disinfected
  • Tile & grout scrubbed & disinfected
  • Shower & tub tile aromatic essential oil treatment
  • The entirety of toilet scrubbed & disinfected
  • All objects removed from countertop & countertop scrubbed & disinfected
  • All objects, potions & lotions on countertop in shower are cleaned & disinfected
  • All vanities & handles cleaned & disinfected
  • All faucets & fixtures cleaned & sanitized
  • All bath mats shaken
  • Clean mirrors
  • Fold / replace towels

By Request

(Additional Fee)

  • Declutter inside of cabinets
  • Clean inside of cabinets
  • Clean inside of fridge
  • Oven cleaning
  • Clean blinds
  • Water houseplants
  • Take in mail / packages
  • Change bed linens
  • Empty trash bins

Acts of Kindness

  • Let furry family in/out
  • Feed/water furry family
  • Wash furry family’s food/water bowls

Cost of Holistic Cleaning is Project Based. Gratitude Rates are extended to Weekly & Bi-Weekly Clients

Please contact the Clean Witch to schedule a walk through to receive a flat rate quote.

Weekly, bi-weekly & monthly clients receive free refills of holistic cleaning potions at time of service

Feng Shui Decluttering & Staging $110 Per Hour.




  • Gift Certificates are available for purchase



Decluttering, Holistic Cleaning, Staging

Contact the Witch and begin living more eco, health & Chi conscious