Create and Manifest New Personal Stories with an Aries New Moon Vision Board

Direct your story, add vision and change it.

There are three (3) New Years: January 1, Chinese New Year and the Aries New Moon. A New Year brings hope for the future. New beginnings show up twice at this time. Astrology’s first sign is Aries. Every New Moon seeds the possibilities of the sign and time of year. Arie’s vision and the New Moon’s blank page ask you to rewrite your story. As an immediate and initiating fire sign, the time is right to correct the first three months of 2019. Riding the illuminated wave of an Aries New Moon sparks our imagination. Set your intentions to the physical with a vision board.

Please bring your favorite magazines, personal photos for collage and scissors.
We will provide the board, glue sticks and more magazines.

Join Quan Tracy Cherry and Trish Breed on Sunday April 7, 2019 at Heart of the Dove KC from 2-4 pm/$35